Model-building and refinement into cryoEM density

Our cryoEM model-building and refinement tools are included as part of the Rosetta software package.


The tutorial is intended to introduce users to several different ways Rosetta may be used to solve various structure determination tasks given 3-5Å cryoEM density data.

These tutorials are based on a tutorial given at the hybrid methods conference, in Lake Tahoe, March 2015.

Update May 2018: Fix a few errors with the RosettaES tutorial
Update May 2017: Update Rosetta XML formatting and default energy functions corresponding to latest release of Rosetta

The complete tutorial: [instructions (pdf)] [all files (tgz)]

Download individual parts:

  • Part 1: Introduction to Rosetta for cryoEM  [pdf][tgz]
  • Part 2: Fragment-based structure refinement [pdf][tgz]
  • Part 3: Model rebuilding using RosettaCM [pdf][tgz]
  • Part 4: De novo structure determination [pdf][tgz]
  • [NEW] Part 5: Rebuilding long protein segments [pdf][tgz]

Slides from the Jülich “Hands-on” Workshop on Computational Biophysics, August 2016

  • Lecture 1 – Intro to Rosetta for cryoEM modelling [pdf]
  • Lecture 2 – Advanced Rosetta topics [pdf]

Note: For old versions of Rosetta (2015 or older), you may want to try an older version of the tutorial [all files.2015 (tgz)].