Frank DiMaio
Guangfeng Zhou
I am working on improving energy functions in Rosetta and developing computational methods for protein-small molecule docking and virtual screening.
Dan Farrell
Graduate Student
Gabriella Reggiano
Graduate Student
Proteins are often flexible to perform their functions, which poses a challenge to single particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) as it requires a sample which contains a single conformation. I am trying to leverage the power of Rosetta and atomic models to reveal the conformational space of the protein and improve the resolution of the density map in cases where the sample is not structurally homogeneous.
Carson Adams
Graduate Student
My research focuses on expanding the limits of Rosetta de novo modeling from cryo-EM density, improving performance in cases of low resolution and large input maps.
Andrew Muenks
Graduate Student
An understanding of protein-ligand interactions is vital for studying protein function. I am developing methods to automatically model ligands into low resolution cryo electron microscopy maps to elucidate these interactions.