Model-building and refinement into cryoEM density

Our cryoEM model-building and refinement tools are included as part of the Rosetta software package.

2019 CryoEM model metrics challenge

Our lab participated in this challenge in May 2019.

We have provided command lines for all of our entries.
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Using Rosetta with cryoEM density (last updated August 2018)
This tutorial gives an overview of all the EM-related tools available within Rosetta.
[instructions (pdf)] [all files (tgz)]

You may also download sections individually:

  • Part 1: Introduction to Rosetta for cryoEM  [pdf][tgz]
  • Part 2: Fragment-based structure refinement [pdf][tgz]
  • Part 3: Model rebuilding using RosettaCM [pdf][tgz]
  • Part 4: De novo EM-guided structure determination [pdf][tgz]
  • Part 5: Rebuilding long protein segments with RosettaES [pdf][tgz]

A tutorial given at EMBL in August 2022
This tutorial features new examples.
[instructions (pdf)] [all files (tgz)][slides (pdf)]

A modified tutorial given at CSHL in March 2019
This somewhat simplified tutorial mostly focuses on RosettaCM with a few new examples.
[instructions (pdf)] [all files (tgz)]

Other material

Supplemental Materials from Wang et al., eLife 2016 [1][2][3]